Zambian Copper from African Seeds

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Zambian Copper from African Seeds

Like the metal that gave Zambia its life blood,Zambian copper gave the country its character Grown widely across the plateau regions of the copper belt, this is a substrain similar to Malawi but faster flowering. Large branched plants, darker foliage, buds laden with white/red tipped hairs, very large resin coated seed pouches (calyx). Strong Kick-Ass high similar to Malawi.Does better in cooler outdoor areas than the Malawi Gold.
Grower Report - Kenny dope smoker on February 1, 2005, 2:15 pm Zambian Copper from African Seeds rated 7.14

Report 1 of 1 From: Kenny dope smoker
Vintage: Not Listed Effect: Somewhat heady Taste Level: 7 Yield Score: 8 Odor Description: Sweet pinecone smell with skunky undertones Garden Style: Bush Sex: Standard (M/F) Plant Height: Not Listed Outdoor Score: Not Listed Indoor Score: Varied maturation times Lighting Used: 260w to 400w Taste Desc: Like it smells

I germed 4 seeds, all sprouted within 48 hours and when planted grew fast with no problems, under the fluros for 12 days then they went under the 400w MH for veg.

I didn't have any problems in veg and they grew quite vigorously, topping at the 3rd node twice for 4 top colas, allowing the 4 lower branches from the 1st an 2nd node to grow up to the same height as the top soon to be colas.
These plants are very tolerant of ferts, these got full strength nutes after a week in veg and they just sucked it all up, 1 plant showed a tiny spot of burn but nothing to bother about, these 4 plants spent 19 days vegging under the MH growing to 10" - 13" (varied) before bieng triggered.

Once triggered they don't seem to stretch much in the first 5 days, but after they got themselves together they rocketed, showing sex at 10 - 12 days, 2 turned out to be males and they got the chop leaving just the 2 females, by 14 days in they were already around 30" tall, and they'd only just got started, trust me these things STRETCH like fuck, taking in full strength nutes again in flower they shot up and ended up around 55" - 60" tall, but it's easy to that I mean I: snapped it, bent it, burnt it, tied it and no matter what you do to it to manage it, it just keeps on smiling, trust me, this stuff really is a WEED!

To demonstrate how much these bitches stretch during flower, I've posted the pictures in order from just before triggering to harvest time to give you an idea of what to expect from this Sativa and how quick they shoot up, pics were taken every 5 days or so.

The first plant looked to have more indica traits than the second, which looked pure sativa and no mistake, with little 'foxtails' everywhere, you can see in the pictures of the grow the difference if you look closely, how dense the more indica looking plant is, compared to the pure sativa plant.

I fed them 2 feeds with nutes, 1 without nutes continueous up until 45 days, then flushed for 5 days, adding the PK 13 - 14 at around 50 days before flushing the rest of the way.

In the end the more compact (indica looking) plant finished at 73 days, 80% red hairs and the trichs nice and cloudy, but the second plant took 90 days to finish and could have gone longer too, but I already liked the look of her as she was and hacked her.

I hung the first one up for 14 days then chopped off all the bud and cured for a further 14 days on foil in a low temp/humidity room and put it all in tubs/jars for a further 3 weeks or so, but the 90 day plant was left hanging for 23 days, then chopped off the bud and put it straight into tubs for another 24 days, but the results for this strain are wierd...

With this strain curing has got to be at LEAST 6 - 7 weeks, and I'll tell you why, as I cured it i checked it daily (smoked for potency) from 4 weeks on, and it was nice, but it was only mild, I could smoke 1 joint after another and still want more thinking I'm building up a tolerance....BUT all that changes at about 7 weeks curing, it's like a switch a has been flicked, one day it's a nice mild smoke, then the next....WALLOP, both of them were the same in terms of curing for ages and then out of the blue it just kicks in.

The high of this weed is different to say the least, well to me it is anyway, the 73 day plant was pretty trippy, and at one point felt like I was on poppers, head pounding, along with my heart, body buzz, quite intense, but pleasant, but the 90 dayer was all in the head, hardly any body buzz at all and the high lasts for a good 2 - 3 hours, more of a daydreamer weed, but still trippy, good daytime smoke.

Overall this strain is very nice, with pretty good yields, I ended up with 2 - 2 1/2 oz each plant which I think is good for a Sativa, bearing in mind that they were under 1x400w sharing with 4 other plants in soil but if you want to grow this strain yourself, then you need the patience, and the ROOM to do it.

End of Strain Report
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