DANK: The Quest for the Very Best Marijuana

DANK: The Quest Afor the Very Best Marijuana

I was thinking just a couple of week ago that it’s been awhile since our good buddies over at QuickTrading have released a new book. So I really wasn’t too surprised when I got the email that this book was coming out. What is pleasant about the notice is that a member of the weedbay forums (and a few others) is the author. He’s also the breeder and photographer of a fine cannabis photo and breeding book entitled:
Dank: The Quest for the Very Best Marijuana

A Breeder’s Tale
By Subcool

From time to time you’ll hear on the cannabis forums that someone is writing a book. Normally you’ll wait and wait and see if there is anything to the forum rumors. You see there’s a bit of turmoil still with books of this nature. Not only is cannabis considered illegal but also other breeders and seed banks offer competitive products, so there’s always a bit of shilling and self promotion from within, and the police wanting to intervene from without. So when a definitive voice in the scene releases all he knows about the strains he’s created it fills a huge void. I wish more breeders would do it. Subcool from TGA is a breeder, photographer, writer and grower and his professionalism for the plants he’s featuring shows off his strains and crosses well. It’s the type of book where you’ll read the information as fast as you can, so you can turn the page and see what’s on the other side.The book “œDank” covers a breeder’s quest for the ultimate marijuana plant. From your own coffee table you will step behind the scenes of gourmet marijuana growing and discover the in depth information that has been cannabis board forum fodder for years. Potheads, growers, tokers, dealers, pinheads, they all like to discuss (and fight about) the parentage and growing tips of their favorite cannabis strains. But seldom are we treated to real-deal information straight from the breeder himself. It’s worth noting these are American strains, based on the strains we can get right here in California, where the voters have demanded that marijuana is made available for medical use statewide and made a lowest priority for law enforcement in many municipalities. There are a dozen other medical marijuana states and more considering medical marijuana in November, so it’s becoming a matter of taking care of our own now.What do I get when I buy this book?When you purchase the book you’re getting an 11″ X 9″ coffee table piece with a double gatefold cover with spot UV coating and embossed type. It really is quite impressive without even opening the book. Once inside prepare for the in depth description and photo essay of 37 highly detailed marijuana strains. You learn all about the strains, what traits to expect and what to avoid. At 144 pages and with multiple photos on some pages it’s a large body of work you could only expect from a grower of 2 decades.

Dank: In Depth Strains
Jack’s Cleaner Cuddlefish Hashplant Sputnik 1.0 Double Purple Doja
Super Skunk Dannyboy Sputnik 2.0 Jack the Ripper
Jack’s Cleaner BlueB Black Russian Nebu Space Queen The Third Diminsion
California Orange KaliMist x BlueWidow Tiny Bomb

Purple Urkle

Killer Queen Orange Velvet Space Dude Vortex
Querkle Jack’s Cleaner 2 Pandora’s Box The Void
Genius Conquistador Emerald Triangle Funk Train Wreck
Apollo-13 Astroboy Jilly Bean Agent Orange
Romulan Scarlet Queen Lemon Freeze Jack’s Cleaner BX

This is the list of marijuana strains that have been featured with photos in most stages of growth and perhaps freshly cut or dried flowers. There is a complete breeder history for these strains, most of which are Subcool TGA strains or the strains they work with. Subcool and his strains and crosses are unique in that they are designed for taste and not so much just for potency, which is what other breeders might tend to focus on. These varieties of marijuana are described by the parent’s traits, the offspring traits that are mixed from the parents and the selection process that goes in to create the newest DANK. A handful of these are old California med scene classics, some are unavailable, and some are being featured at the Oaksterdam medical cannabis dispensaries. Patents can find these strains and grow them out. That’s always a plus.A Sample Grow Info Capsule

Jack the Ripper
Harvest Time
8-9 Weeks
2, Both with a Lemon Haze smell and short growth. One tends to have a Pine smell.
Look for the short phenotype, colas swell late.
Pluton x Purple Haze x Lambs Bread x NL x Jack Herer x Romulan x Cindy99 BCGA
Grow Advice
Untopped and grow to a full bush. Indoor/Outdoor
Moderate trim work
Lemon mango pine hash, with aheavy haze influence
Type of High
Intense, trippy, visual, phase shifting, increased heart rate, heavy crash, increased appetite, pain relief, paranoia.

You can enjoy this book without reading a word, and just by looking at the pictures. It’s full of well lit and beautiful pictures that document the strains from seed to bud. The quality of the pictures and the sharpness of the printing will sell books to people that have never grown and are just captivated by the title DANK. It’s all about tasty buds at the peak of ripeness with trichomes that just melt off the page. Selecting just four images for the review was pretty hard. I had a dozen pictures under consideration and settled on these four because I think these represent what medical patients will be interested in.

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

A big part of the book is documentation of a breeders work and although the strains Subcool was working with aren’t documented by photos there is a substantial amount of information he shares about these “˜other’ strains. There are 20 others strains mentioned in the book

Batgirl Cinderella Lambs Bread Princess 75
BC Hashplant G-13 Mendo Purps Purple Haze
Black Berry Genius Ortega Skoosh
Blue Berry Jack Herer Pluton 2 White Widow
Cherry Ak-47 Kali Mist Northern Lights #5

It’s a great book and I can easily recommend this to anyone interested in Dank sticky bud. Medical marijuana patients and growers can get information straight from the breeder. With grow tips and photo documentation on strains available in the Nor-Cal area it should be interesting to weedbay locals. I can also testify that the photos in the book are worth the price just as a conversation piece in their own merit and are in a class of their own. At 144 pages it’s a definitive guide and available at fine bookstores everywhere October 1st 2008. Retails at $29.95.Check the deal at AmazonIf you want a signed copy of this book they are limited to the first 100 copies but we thought it would be cool to set that up. The site is Dank Gear ONLINE
Dopey T

Sad there’s recent info that Subcool has passed on. read more about his later life here

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