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A 10 Clone Only

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A 10 Clone Only

A 10 is a popular strain going around Bay Area clubs. Some info points to Ed Rosenthal having had a hand in it. According to the Canabible 3 the yield and look of the flowering buds look impressive, with a juicey fruit smell.
The smoke is a bit bland in taste and the narcotic effect makes this a good one for sleeping. If you have more info on this strain send up a strain or grow report.
It's Afghani lineage indicates this should flower in about 8 weeks.
I've grown it several times. It's a common cut from the SF Bay Area dispensaries. Here are some specifics:
1. Finishes in about 49-52 days...
2. Picky with Ph and mag deficiencies.
3. Great yields
4. Very, Very high calyx to leaf ratio making it easy to trim.
5. Finishing flowers smell like super sweet sticky molasses.
6. Very potent with a fun up high. But watch out! The munchies are very fierce with her! She will make a hammer look apetizing. LOL
Overall, she is one of my favorite all time to grow and smoke.

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