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Ducksfoot from Wallyduck

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Ducksfoot from Wallyduck

Up to 8 ft in height and can be as wide, average around 6 ft. Very large, bushy webbed leaved plant . . . tends to like to spread with training to produce masses of large tight and very heavy, smelly buds.
Ducksfoot from Wallyduck
Grower reports: 3 Viewed: 160,437 times Rated by 3 users: 8.04/10
'Ducksfoot' from Wallyduck
- 'Ducksfoot'
Breeders report on Ducksfoot.
Plant structure:
Up to 8 ft in height and can be as wide, average around 6 ft. Very large, bushy webbed leaved plant . . . tends to like to spread with training to produce masses of large tight and very heavy, smelly buds. Buds have been as large as my leg... The Ducksfoot seems to be a very hardy plant. It begins to show its webbed traits on the second set of leaves, that come out quite wedged shaped and usually single bladed. The following leaf is the typical 3 fingered Ducksfoot leaf. Successive leaves will continue up to seven apparent points, and can be very large, dinner plate size. The leaves progressively lessen in points as the plant ripens as with other varieties.
I have yielded huge amounts from my ducks, up to and over 2 pounds, due to its quick growth it is able to support hundreds of fat buds.
Maturing times:
I am still working on what sort of time it matures in climates different to mine; in my climate it is planted anywhere between October and December, and is harvested late March to mid April.
I have seen a few plants grown in the U.K. that veged well, but I don't believe the ripening time was long enough to produce the same thing I get here, he said it was still going into November. Climates similar to Australia have had no problems at all, as far down as Perth in western oz...
I have grown duck indoors a few times, they veged very well, but the buds were wispy and airy and didn't seem worth the trouble. We had 2 plants that were successful out of 20 tested, the successful ones were very good, but I haven't seen another suited one since and would recommend that it is not grown indoors, after all why hide a plant that has its own camouflage specially suited for the outdoors?..
Bud size and form:
Some of the fattest and weightiest buds I've come across, green in colour... Bud formation can vary a little . . . have had them up to 4 inches in diameter and very solid, sometimes causing problems here with mould due to that fact...
All plants are webbed, but some variations can occur in bud formation, i.e. , some more looser Sativa type buds, and others will resemble the tighter Indica formation... All plants have a similar smell and taste, a little stronger in some than others. It has not bothered me to have some variation in the plants, but will breed out the Sativa-looking ones and stick to the tighter fatter buds in the near future. It is nice to see all the characteristics though and all plants have performed very well in my location.
Smell and taste:
The duck has a very strong smell, even when quite young and a mature bush can be smelled from many meters away, kind of lingers in the air... Fresh buds smell very strong and will stink your house out, when dry and cured it has a very pleasant, to strong odors; a sweet hashy, spicy smell. The taste is the same as the smell, lingers on the palate for a long time afterwards and is very sweet and refreshing.
Nice smooth stone, very steady up and relaxing and happy, very little couch lock, but still quite the powerful smoke, happy weed would describe it perfectly...
My opinion:
I really love growing the duck, it's a really fun plant to grow and I always have some growing. The taste is just amazing and the stone brightens my day, even if it starts a little glum. I have bred many generations of this wonderful plant, and am really taken by its unique structure, growth pattern and fantastic smell...
The duck has shown a huge potential in the area of hybridization, its vigor is added to the cross very well, as well as the smell. The hybrids have been of good size, up to average of 1 pound, with huge heads, some up to 5 inches in diameter and tight; some buds were so robust they looked as though they were growing inside out... The recent addition of a webbed Indica to my seed collection may realize some fantastic potential with webbed plants... Spare a thought for the many Ducksfoot plants that gave their lives to bring you this report.
Grower Report - GrowFan on October 22, 2003, 9:24 pm Ducksfoot from Wallyduck rated 9.14

Report 1 of 3From GrowFan
Vintage: Not Listed
Effect: All in the head
Odor Description: Sweet minty smell with a hint of fruit
Taste: Sweet pineapple hash
Garden Style for This Report:

This Ducksfoot is the easiest strain I have ever grown outdoors. The plant just takes off and doesn't require much effort from the grower. I topped mine 5 times and the stem to the top was still 8' long when finished. I planted the Duck straight into the earth with no goodies at all in the soil and she still exploded during veg. This plant is extremely stealth looking the entire grow until flowering begins and then she takes the shape of the normal flowering ganja plant. The smell is not stealth. Even in veg this plant stank up my house and surrounding yard. I had to harvest early because some roofers next door noticed the smell then saw her and I harvested about a month premature for security reasons. The taste is better than any strain I've had. It's so sweet and fruity with a hint of hash. This is a great daytime high. The Duck makes you very up and a joy to laugh with friends. Good stuff! I ended up with one female and she was everything Wallyduck made her out to be. I recommend this to anyone who wants to grow outdoors. I gave her an 8 for yield but I'm sure if she went the distance it would have been a 10.

Overall Effect: All in the head
Sex: Standard (M/F)
Bloom Lighting:
Outdoor Harvest: Nov 1 to Nov 15

plants per SF:
Plant Yield:
Plant Height:
Harvest Indoor: 60 to 65 days

End of Strain Report
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Report 2 of 3From Hippiechik
Vintage: Not Listed
Effect: All in the head
Odor Description:
Taste: rich, smooth, bit spicy, chocolate & coffee, earthy
Garden Style for This Report: Sea of Green SOG

Started beans outdoors early April, 10 beans produced 5 M & 5 F. 8 were transferred indoors and 2 planted outdoors.

Indoors the plants stayed rather short (under 36") and went for over 4 months without ever really finishing- four plants gave about 3 oz of bud so not the largest yield I've ever seen but the smoke was simply sublime. Very rich, eathy flavor- reminded me of coffee and chocolate- I found my hand reaching for the duckfoot jar over and over when it came time to blaze up. Smoke wise, it reminded me of this very good Mexican pot I used to get many years ago- smoke it all day long, get high as hell and never grow tired of it...lovely stuff.

Outdoors the plant was extremely hardy and easy to grow, survivng all Nature threw her way. However, her branchy growth, slow maturation and late finishing date drastically affected yield. The plant was harvested at the end of October due to weather but she could have easily gone a month or more- pushing harvest back to the end of November or even possibly early December.

I had expected to pull a lb or more off the outdoor plant, as growing conditions were perfect...however the plant grew mostly lumber and little popcorn nugs without putting any effort into growing a massive main cola. Sadly the yield was less than a half oz, not much for so many months' work.

The plants tend to be very branchy and show their tropical sativa heritage- not really suited for indoor use. Outdoors in middle latitudes she may not finish before frost- her ideal location is inside a greenhouse but her stealthy leaves allow her to be grown almost anywhere. Ducksfoot is a tough and hardy plant, able to shrug off even the worst problems and keep on going.

Those webbed leaves do add a lot to the stealth- however, do NOT rely on them to hide this plant completely through flowering! They fall off and the plant reverts to a more sativa appearance once flowering begins...in other words, in veg it's stealthy- in flowering, it looks just like regular cannabis. Prune this plant down hard to minimize excessive branching and useless lumber- otherwise, you might end up with a broom instead of buds.

Even with the drawbacks I experienced, I'd still recommend this strain to anyone looking for something to grow outside. Ducksfoot survived tough conditions that would have killed off weaker cannabis, and thrived. I still feel anyone can grow it, though to grow it as well as wallyduck and have such stunning results you really need to have a tropical climate. I plan on growing this strain again outdoors next year.

I further submit this grow thread for further consideration:

Overall Effect: All in the head
Sex: Standard (M/F)
Bloom Lighting: 410w to 1000w
Outdoor Harvest: Nov 15 to Nov 30

plants per SF:
Plant Yield: Not Listed
Plant Height: Not Listed
Harvest Indoor: 105 days and longer

End of Strain Report
Report 3 of 3From philosophal_
Vintage: December, 2005
Effect: All in the head
Odor Description: skunky... spicy... with a hint of fruit...
Taste: smooth... earthy...
Garden Style for This Report: Bush
December, 2005

- Very easy plants to grow... From the GN03 Collection...
- 8 female and one hermie male from 9 seeds...
- Very vigorous and easy to grow... Love nuts... Can be very tall...
- Leaves camouflage very effetive... not in smelling and flowering appearance...
- Very big yeild can be expected...
- Maturing time : 60 to 70... outdoor in November in nothern climats...
- Very Uniform plants... start indica... then as more hybrids... becomes more sativa... with this particular leaves shape... Very prone to mold in cold humid areas during flowering...
- Even with mold and seeds (always a good gift) it's a very ponent tropical plant... with a trippy high... like best hazes or africans hemps...
- So... a plant for conoisseurs... very different... nice to experienced... maybe more for greenhouse... I'll try it again... even it's a tricky plant...

Overall Effect: All in the head
Sex: Feminized (mostly female)
Bloom Lighting: Not Listed
Outdoor Harvest: Nov 1 to Nov 15

plants per SF:
Plant Yield: Not Listed
Plant Height: Not Listed
Harvest Indoor: 65 to 70 days

End of Strain Report