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Dutch Dragon from Paradise Seeds

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Dutch Dragon from Paradise Seeds

This dragon of Dutch descent is a spectacular plant for indoor growing. High yields with short flowering period. Superb quality along with long sticky kolas. It's sweet taste and strong potency makes her the favorite to many regular smokers.
Dutch Dragon from Paradise Seeds
Grower reports: 2 Viewed: 63,746 times Rated by 2 users: 5.96/10
'Dutch Dragon' from Paradise Seeds
- 'Dutch Dragon'
This dragon of Dutch descent is a spectacular plant for indoor growing. High yields with short flowering period. Superb quality along with long sticky kolas. It's sweet taste and strong potency makes her the favorite to many regular smokers.
Grower Report - Prawn Connery on July 26, 2003, 7:21 am Dutch Dragon from Paradise Seeds rated 7.43

Report 1 of 2From Prawn Conner
Vintage: Not Listed
Effect: All in the head
Odor Description:
Garden Style for This Report: Bush

Dutch Dragon is a very stable and uniform strain with lots of vigour and HUGE growth potential. It can handle loads of nutes, responds well to intense light, and grows super fast. Easily the biggest-yielding strain I have grown so far. If Skunk #1 gets a 7 for yield, Dutch Dragon gets a 9, as the extra flowering time (nine weeks) helps boost the overall product. A very good commercial sativa.

Luc at Paradise Seeds says it is sweeter and better yielding than Nebula, but I found it only to be better yielding. It also looks a little less sativa and less frosty than the orginal Nebulas I grew out, so in this respect Dutch Dragon seems to lean more towards its Skunk heritage in growth and appearance — but not in high, which is mostly all in the head and quite a bit more uplifting than Skunk #1.

From 10 seeds, all germed and popped, but I killed one by accident. Of the remaining nine, I was left with four quite uniform girls, although one leaned a little more to the indica side than the other three — shorter, with rounder buds instead of the signature fox-tails — and finished in eight weeks as opposed to nine. All four were very sweet to smell, though three had quite a sour-diesel (skunky) undertone. These three were very crystaline up close, with the more indica-leaning pheno being slower than the others but the pick of the stink! The remaining sativa phenos all had nice bushy buds, thick stems and even branch patterns.

One girl in particular smelled as sweet as fresh tangerines — that's exactly what she smelled like! Really nice, sweet plant; not as frosty, but more sticky and sativa. After harvest, this plant and one of the heavy skunk phenos became my favourites. I have summed them up below...

Dutch Dragon (heavy Skunk pheno):
This plant grew larger and denser than anything else in my garden with a tight, heavy structure and quite a strong, oily, skunky (almost chemical) scent for a sativa-dom, although you could only really smell it up close or if you brushed against it (it is still quite a stealthy strain). But it did have an underlying fruity smell too, and has cured into a nice, sweet, almost orange-flavoured toffy bud with lots of crystal and heavy-weight bag appeal (though as my personal smoke it will stay in the jars and won't be going into any bags...). If I was more experienced and a bit more organized, I would have kept this one as a mother plant because she has all the traits one might look for in a great commercial/personal variety: vigorous fast growth, healthy large sructure, heavy buds and potent smoke with the only draw-back being the 9-week flowering period (although this is one of the main reasons for the large yields). Sometimes you grow big buds that don't weigh much — they seem to be airy or hollow. Not this plant. The buds are a super-dense, light green colour with brown/orange hairs, thick and glistening with trichomes and sticky as fuck to handle. The smoke is exactly how you would imagine it: thick, dense, strong and chemical — like an exceptional skunk variety with a little added fruit. It is not "lemony" at all. More like overripe tropical fruit mixed with incense oils. It expands in the lungs and will make you cough if you're not careful. After that you'll probably want another... And here's the trick: after your first cone you'll be thinking "This isn't very potent at all" and will load up another bong. Just after the second cone, it will start to hit you... Oops, maybe I shouldn't have had that second cone! Anyway, it creeps up very slowy and subtley until all of a sudden you realise you are fucking wasted! No couchlock, very productive and thought-provoking. Sometimes a hint of paranoia, but this is rare. Mostly it is very up, happy, contemplative weed that's great to smoke during the day and quite reflective at night. Good party weed that doesn't put you to sleep no matter how much you smoke and lasts a good two hours or more after smoking it. Not the sweetest or fruitiest strain, but surprises everyone with its creeper potency and nice heady, comfortable high. Not quite as sweet and potent as Nebula, but it has slightly more head. It would make a great cross with a pure sativa or soaring haze variety, as it has the body and legs to complement the high.

Dutch Dragon (tangerine pheno):
This was the plant I thought would be the bomb but just quite didn't live up to it compared to the plant above. The tangerine pheno grow as fast and vigourously as the heavy Skunk, but after harvesting and curing, the buds were lighter and airier in comparison. The scent was sweeter — as was the smoke — less chemical Skunk and more citrus-fruit oil, but not quite as hard-hitting as its sister. Probably a little more sativa in this one — still a nice heady creeper high — but needs to be appreciated for its sweet taste more than any knock-out effect. I should probably have harvested this one earlier at eight weeks instead of nine, as I think it was a little overdone and lost some of its sweetness as a result. Still my second-favourite smoke and again, great party weed that keeps you up and high for a good time.

If you have read this far, I will tell you that Dutch Dragon is a Durban x Early Skunk variety — and a very well-bred one at that!

Overall Effect: All in the head
Sex: Standard (M/F)
Bloom Lighting: 20w to 250w
Outdoor Harvest: Nov 1 to Nov 15

plants per SF:
Plant Yield: 0.75
Plant Height: 24
Harvest Indoor: 60 to 65 days

End of Strain Report
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Report 2 of 2From
Vintage: Not Listed
Effect: All in the head
Odor Description: Acrid durban mixed with little fruity
Taste: Pretty average slight fruit/ slight acrid
Garden Style for This Report: Vertical

I received these seeds instead of Nebula, and what a shock.
I turned to 12 hours at average plant height of 30 - 40 cm ,
and they just didn't stop until 7 foot !!! I needed to do much
pruning to maintain a reasonable height, and yet they still kept stretching.

Fast initial bud set, but then weeks 4 - 6 did very little.. kinda just waiting.
Even the buddies once formed still kept growing up up up !!!
Very large long colas, quite a large output in end. (maybe 1 -1.5lb per 600 watt HPS)

VERY long maturation, I live in0.

... high humidity, so this has added a few weeks to overall period.
I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who grows in high humidity.
Pretty poor mould resistance, even with the stretched airy-ness of the buddies.
Only likes high lights levels, anywhere that received of lower than HIGH light did not mature well at all, high resin levels only within
1.5 feet of bulbs (which was terrible for my tall tall plants!!)

WAY too much stretching, would never do again indoors,
however it seems to do very well outside, in ground or in pots.
(watch poor mould resistance though)

Over all a disappointing grow experience, I don't like mega tall sativas
and these are the tallest I have ever done inside.

I choose 2 phenotypes, 1st was tall vigorous growth, it gave good yield etc, but WAY WAY TOO TALL. The 2nd phenotype was much more compact, but had very poor yield and branching structure, and much slower grow.

Some hermie action, REALLY early in bud stress

The humidity in my area has slowed growth considerably, total maturation was between 10 - 12 weeks, very inconsistent ,. even on same plants. (one branch could be mature, and others were not etc)

I think with some practice this could be very high yielder & great for sativa heads, but not for high humidity areas.

Admittedly I am coming to terms with Coco's high moisture holding content, and did over water a little in first few weeks, maybe
they wouldn't have stretched so much if this hadn't happened

Overall Effect: All in the head
Sex: Slightly hermaphroditic
Bloom Lighting: 2100w to 5000w
Outdoor Harvest: Not Listed

plants per SF:
Plant Yield: 2.00
Plant Height: 60
Harvest Indoor: 75 to 80 days

End of Strain Report