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Valley Queen from No Mercy Supply

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Valley Queen from No Mercy Supply

Grower Report - I planted two seeds directly in rockwool and a little coco fiber to fill-in the hole. Both sprouted and took off like weeds. They were transplanted to 1gal net pots w/ hydrocorn for veg. Even though I let my PH in veg drift way low, the plants continued to thrive.
Valley Queen from No Mercy Supply
No Mercy Supply - Breeder Information
The XX-generation - "To Serve You"
No Mercy Supply is a dynamic company, concentrated on the Cannabis market. This company is the living dream of a freak, Cees, who has over 32 years of growing experience. He wants to share his experience with every grower. Here you will find info on our beloved plant. Everything from A to Z presented in a back to basics manner.
To Serve You, in our name means a lot, so much that it's impossible for us to define. Send your wishes, questions about our beloved plant and smoke to the No Mercy Supply team so we can give it, to the best of our ability, our personal attention.
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'Valley Queen' from No Mercy Supply
- 'Valley Queen'
Grower Report - hitman4d4 on July 18, 2003, 1:06 pm Valley Queen from No Mercy Supply rated 6.29

Report 1 of 2From
Vintage: Not Listed
Effect: Somewhat heady
Odor Description: skunky
Taste: very smooth and creamy almost nutty
Garden Style for This Report: Sea of Green SOG

I planted two seeds directly in rockwool and a little coco fiber to fill-in the hole. Both sprouted and took off like weeds. They were transplanted to 1gal net pots w/ hydrocorn for veg. Even though I let my PH in veg drift way low, the plants continued to thrive.

The plants are identical, true F1 hybrids. The difference in height is due to the use of CytoGrow, as you can see the one on the right has remained much shorter, w/ very little stretch. The bud is also much denser then the untreated plant.

The Valley Queen continues to impress. It is a very sturdy plant, no need for support. They both appear to be on track to finish at about 58-63 days, trics are mostly milky at this point, but I like to wait for about 10% amber before the cut. No more nutes for these girls, so they should start to suck up the N soon, as heavy metal deficiency has already started.

I'll be popping some more of these seeds soon, as they have proven a joy to grow. VQ#2 has shown a few male flowers, but by no means would I call it a hermi.

I can say that this plant is also a joy to trim, took me all of ten minutes to remove all the non-essential leaf and stem. The top cola finished a little over a foot tall of nice dense bud. No idea on dry weight, I'll report back when its done.

Just when things were looking great, mold sets in. While inspecting Valley Queen #1 last night I was shocked and horrified to find, what I consider the worst growers blight of all :) :) MOLD!!!! I hate mold as it rears its ugly head at the most inopportune time, right at harvest. I must say that high humidity has been a problem lately, but w/ good air flow I've kept it in check. Or so I thought. I'm really pissed as this cola could have gone another week and gotten even fatter. In an effort to save what I could, I removed the top cola, trimming away all moldy chunks (I'll make bubble at least) and putting the remaining plant back in the flower room. I was able to salvage about 3 grams of what would have been a very sizable bud. Oh well, I guess that is the one downside to this strain is that it is susceptible to mold. Other than that, it is still a winner

As far as smoke report, initial findings are positive. Valley Queen has a very smooth and creamy flavor, almost nutty. Very little smell and it don't linger long on the pallet. The high is uplifting, like you'd expect from a good skunk cross. A good strain for travel/stealth as it won't stink up you or your car in the bag, like some of my other strains. It won't make the top 5 but it will make a reappearance as long as I have seeds Even without the top cola the plant should still yield at least an ounce, so after smokin a bit, I'm over my disappointment

Well the remainder of Valley Queen #1 met the ax on Friday. I think the extra week (minus the top cola) did wonders for the plant. The smell characteristic has totally changed; the mellow nutty aroma has been replaced w/ a harsh skunky one, a very strong odor indeed. Yield is quite impressive; as I'm sure I'll end up w/ over an ounce from the bottom buds

Overall Effect: Somewhat heady
Sex: Feminized (mostly female)
Bloom Lighting: 410w to 1000w
Outdoor Harvest: Not Listed

plants per SF:
Plant Yield: 2.30
Plant Height: 36
Harvest Indoor: 60 to 65 days

End of Strain Report
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Report 2 of 2From
Vintage: Not Listed
Effect: Somewhat heady
Odor Description: Nutty creamy sweet and skunky
Taste: Nutty - hazelnut
Garden Style for This Report: Screen of Green SCROG

I was the highest bidder for these 100% female seeds in the JEAST auction.

Out of 10 seeds, 3 were cracked most likely in shipping, and the remaining 7 all germinated using paper towel within 36 hours. Seedlings were grown under 24 hours of fluros for 2 weeks in vermiculite. Plants were very uniform and stable in terms of growth patterns. There was only one phenotype. The two most promising plants were next transferred into the grow box to be grown using deep water cultivation and SCROG trained. (The remaining seedlings found their way into the gardens of a few friends.)

After an additional six weeks of vegetative growth, the two valley queens, nearly 24 inches in height, were put under 12/12 for flowering.

These plants were remarkably undemanding and very easy to grow. This was my first attempt at deep water cultivation, and the plants responded incredibly well. My only problem was with a magnesium shortage or lockout - the amount contained in the Micro formulation did not seem to meet the VQ's demands. The addition of four teaspoons of Epson salts to the res solved that problem.

Another problem I encountered during this grow was low humidity - the highest that I was able to get the humidity (with a humidifier) was 28%. As a result, the VQs absorbed and transpired a lot of water; I needed to add approximately 8 to 10 litres of RO water per day to keep the resevoir levels constant.

The large water consumption lead to swings in nutrient levels and ph - and the VQs most certainly handled these swings in stride. The VQs appear to perform their best at nute levels around 1200 ppm (EC correction .7) and at a ph of 5.5 - 5.7.

During 12/12 the plants stretched approximately 2.5 times their size - with the stretch appearing to slow significantly after 28 days.

The odor from the valley queens through most of their flowering stage was very pleasant, a sweet creamy and nutty smell that could become overpowering at times. It did not smell like any other cannabis that I have grown until the 65th day of flowering, when it developed a decidedly potent skunky piss-like smell that pushed my air-filters to their limit.

The VQs were harvested after 73 days of flowering, they could have gone for another week to 10 days, but an undetected accidental shut-down of the airpumps a few days earlier necessitated the somewhat early harvest. After 10 days of drying the bud was down to 30% of its original wet wait and transferred to curing jars. The dry bud, all grades, totalled 10.5 ounces - with about 6 ounces being premium grade.

At the same time, 1.5 ounces of popcorn and premature bud and all the trim was used to make BHO - providing a yield of 5.5 grams of golden honey and another 4 grams of mid to low grade oil from an alcohol wash.

The bud shot photos track the VQ from 28 days after commencing flowering to 63 days.

The Valley Queens are female seeds from No Mercy - and although they were subject to stress from low humidity and from ph and nutrient level swings as a result of that low humidity, there was no indication of any hermaphrodites whatsoever.


I smoked a couple ounces of mid and lower grade VQ and all the oil while waiting for the buds to cure. This smoke report is based on the top grade of buds, after 35 days of cure. I stopped smoking for 3 days before doing this smoke report. Four other people including two OGers were involved in this smoke test.

The taste is sweet and nutty and very smooth. My fellow tokers as hazelnut with skunk undertones, though I did not notice this skunky aspect. The smoke expands considerably in the lungs, and it is rare to not cough after exhaling.

First toke - a very mellow progression to the head. Initial hit is definitely sativa. You can feel the hit almost immediately behind the eyes, cheek, and face. After about 10 minutes it starts to move into the body.

Second toke - taken about 15 minutes after the first hit, you definitely feel the rush. The sativa buzz is now in the forehead, you start to feel flushed cheeks, and you begin to feel warmth throughout body - especially in your belly.

Third toke - taken about 20 minutes after the second toke. All four smokers experienced a very intense and immediate sativa hit right in the top of the skull. The third hit was literally painful for a couple minutes as it felt like my skull was about to crack. As soon as the pressure eased, the intensity of the hit melted away, and like water ran down to the back of the head. I didn't really notice that I was in a full body stone until I tried to stand up, and was staggered. The room felt very warm and it seemed that I would break into a sweat any moment, but did not.

Difficult to describe, but the stone seemed to progress from the top of the head to the back of the head and down the neck and shoulders. You could quite literally feel the centre of the hit right between the shoulders - very calm.

Valley Queen is not the most powerful weed that I have smoked, but it has an interesting property in that the high is quite varied and always changing its character. For a while you feel quite social - and then you are just tranced out for 10 or 15 minutes if something arrests your attention.

Fourth Toke - about 30 minutes after the third toke a couple of us decided for the purposes of scientific enquiry alone to see what would happen if we took a fourth toke. The hit was immediate, intense, and blinding. It felt like I had a migraine headache for about 10 minutes before things started to settle. Full body stone set in - total couchlock and essentially turning the rest of the evening into a complete write-off. A very long lasting stone, I was still somewhat stoned and buzzed in the morning when I got up.

The valley queen is great for inducing munchies, but did nothing to ease the arthritic pain in my knees.

As the breeder states on his web site that VQ is not a day weed, and I totally agree with him. This is potent tasty weed with great variety to the stone. Recommended.

Overall Effect: Somewhat heady
Sex: Feminized (mostly female)
Bloom Lighting: 410w to 1000w
Outdoor Harvest: Not Listed

plants per SF:
Plant Yield: 5.50
Plant Height: 72
Harvest Indoor: 75 to 80 days

End of Strain Report