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KC 36 from KC Brains

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KC 36 from KC Brains

More production for every square meter! Parents of this success product are kept secret. K.C.36 is a short, stocky plant that produces giant buds and is very productive. A true THC bomb.
KC 36 from KC Brains
Grower reports: 1 Viewed: 75,595 times Rated by 1 user: 8.29/10
'KC 36' from KC Brains
- 'KC 36'
More production for every square meter! Parents of this success product are kept secret. K.C.36 is a short, stocky plant that produces giant buds and is very productive. A true THC bomb.
Grower Report - oranje on July 18, 2003, 7:24 pm KC 36 from KC Brains rated 8.29

Report 1 of 1From oranje
Vintage: Not Listed
Effect: All in the head
Odor Description: Pine-sol.
Taste: Piney, dank.
Garden Style for This Report: Bush

I inherited some KC-36 seeds from a friend, knowing very little about the strain. I knew it was very hybridized, extremely unstable, but plants that made it to maturity tended to be very vigorous, with high quality buds.

Six seeds were planted, all germinated rather quickly. In vegging, all looked quite similar... Pretty generic indica/sativa hybrid in all ways. None of the plants were especially finnicky as far as feeding went, and growth was fairly rapid and vigorous. Cloning, however, was quite difficult.

As plants reached maturity, their appearance started to diverge. Half looked very sativa, while others looked more like indicas. As things progressed more, five of them started to look fairly sickly. The remaining one, an indica-dominant, didn't change. I kept them all until they showed signs of sex, the healthy indica-dominant was female, as was one sativa-dominant. The sativa-dominant one died before flowering was initiated.

So I was left with one indica-dominant female, which was repotted into a 5-gal bucket. And then, for some reason, the number of fingers on the leaves started to decrease as vegging continued, from seven, to five, to four, three, two, and finally, all of the fan leaves were single-lobed, very deep green, and huge. Probably about 25-30 cm in length, and around 4 cm wide. Additionally, on 20 hours of light a day, it started shooting out stigmae, and covering leaves in trichomes. Definitely freaky looking, but also very promising.

When I flipped it over to 12/12, it seemed to trigger one last growth spurt, which resulted in a good amount of stretching, but also heavy branching throughout. Tons of new budsites, but it also started flowering quite rapidly.

Feeding in flowering required nothing special, just Schultz flowering formula, with some Epsom salts supplemented. Buds were quite dense, but not especially chunky. Sativa-like buds. But, as the budsites were innumerable, the yeild was surprisingly good. By 45 days, it was pretty much ripe, and I gave it the chop. Buds were quite dense, good calyx-to-leaf ratio, and covered in trichomes.

Additional note: the smell during flowering was fairly noticeable, but not very "herby". It's best described as "pine-sol".

Taste was like smell, piney, but fairly sweet. The high was simply delightful, however. A very "up" high, productive and fun. It certainly stuck a smile on my face. Not overwhelmingly potent, but definitely excellent smoke, and quite smooth to boot.

I certainly thought it was a good plant, and if you get one plant like mine in a pack of ten seeds, you'll certainly like it, too. It'll be in my mum collection for quite some time.

Overall Effect: All in the head
Sex: Standard (M/F)
Bloom Lighting: 410w to 1000w
Outdoor Harvest: Not Listed

plants per SF:
Plant Yield: Not Listed
Plant Height: Not Listed
Harvest Indoor: 45 to 50 days

End of Strain Report
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