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White Pearl from High Quality Seeds

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White Pearl from High Quality Seeds

- 'White Pearl'
Origin: Holland
Type: F1 hybride
Consist of : 50% indica and 50% sativa
Flowering time : 8 weeks
Environment: Outside/Indoor/greenhouse
Appearance: Tops are white from THC, even the bigger leaves on tops
Height: Medium
Yield: +/- 400 gram
Taste: Excellent high, soft taste
Harvesting time : end of october
Notes: Plant with large tops
Winnerr Highlife cup
Categorie: Outdoor
Grower Report - Sherak on May 9, 2005, 7:28 am White Pearl from High Quality Seeds rated 8.00

Report 1 of 1From Sherak
Vintage: December, 2004
Effect: All in the head
Odor Description:
Garden Style for This Report: Bush
December, 2004

This strain was chossen purely on the fact they were the only feminsed seeds available at my local Hydro shop, I went feminised due to an earlier grow only producing males and I did not have the time or space to effectivly find a mother.

Before I go on, based on the fact I was limited in choice whilst choosing my strain, the resulting smoke was dynamite and with the benefit of hind sight I would definatly recomend this strain to anyone, it is a perfectly sweet smooth smoke.

Anyway back to the grow... (I used DWC)

I germinated 2 seeds in tissue (2 days) transfered to rockwool cubes soaked in a low strenght mix of Formulex (ec 1.2 ph 5.5) It then took 2 to 3 days for them to show their starter leaves.. At this point I transfered straight to the grow room and put them in the oxy pots and then under a 400W Metal halide, I switched to a mix of Canna Vega A&B @ EC 1.2 PH 6) steadily upped over a 2 week period to EC 1.4

Over the next two weeks they flourised, I vegged em for only 2 weeks due to this, then switched over to a 12/12 under a 400W hps, (1 week later I switched to Canna Flores @ EC 1.4 Ph 6, 3 weeks into 12/12 one looked like it was showing male ("80 feminisied seeds!!!!!!!) at this point it was looking like I only had room for one plant anyway so I ditched the potential male and left the defo female to fill the room..

@ 5 weeks 12/12 I added PK13/14 (I did this to early) and at this point I also trimmed back a lot of the dense vegetation, probably removing 70% of the leaves.....

6 weeks into 12/12 I removed all nutrients (started flushing) I since found out that this was a bad idea, on the 8th week when I was planing on cutting I added some more nutes and planned on leaving it another 3 to 4 weeks, it went a further weeek and a half and I decided to chop (this was mainly based on the smell..... it was the biggest smell in the world :) lol....

I trimmed all the main leaves back and then just chopped at the base, hung the plant upside down, set the thermostat to 18 degrees and left for 3 weeks... @ 3 weeks I maticulously trimed each cola back to the bud and was left with some of the best damn bud I have ever smoked (and I may add I have spent many a weekend in Amsterdam)

I got 4.5oz of prime bud and 3oz of good green trim which is also a nice smoke and gives you a good high (not in the same league as the bud though :)

All in all superb, was my first successfull grow and even though I screwed up with the flushing and the PK13/14 it didnt have a serious negative effect on the final product, I wonder what the yeild would have been like if I hadn't have screwed up :)

All that said due to the smell it was also my last grow :( far to smelly, I could get a Carbon filter but the main smell was created on harvest and I dont have the space to create a CF'ed trim room......

Great strain though, highly recomend......

Overall Effect: All in the head
Sex: Feminized (mostly female)
Bloom Lighting: 260w to 400w
Outdoor Harvest: Not Listed

plants per SF:
Plant Yield: 5.00
Plant Height: 60
Harvest Indoor: 90 to 95 days

End of Strain Report
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