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Purple Tops from High Quality Seeds

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Purple Tops from High Quality Seeds

- 'Purple Tops'
Type: Skunk
Composition: 100% indica
Flowering time: 9 weeks
Environment: fit for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation
Appearance: big firm plant with purple tops
Height: 100-250 cm
Yield: 500-500 gram
Smell/Taste: fresh taste
Harvest-Time: September
Because of their early flowering property these seeds are well suited for outside cultivation.
Grower Report - mickscan on December 27, 2003, 1:20 pm Purple Tops from High Quality Seeds rated 6.67

Report 1 of 1From mickscan
Vintage: October, 2003
Effect: Somewhat couchlock
Odor Description: Sweet skunky smell
Taste: Sweet flavour, blueberry taste
Garden Style for This Report: Not Listed
October, 2003

OK, this plant was my first attempt at growing, so there were many errors made with this cultivation. This grower never had much room to cultivate, so had to cut and kill many of the plants that remained after vegetation as there was simply not enough room for them all to grow. This left only one female from the three remaining plants. There were also White Widows, in the grow room, which took priority over these Purple Tops. There was a lot of bending to be had from this plant in order to maintain it under the light in the grow room. This plant produced much vegetation and likes to grow up, high. It seems to fall victim of stress quite easily, this I found out when I needed to take the plant out of the grow room to do some modifications. All the fan leaves tuned yellow and fell off, though flowering was maintained with the remaining single stemmed leaves remaining for a number of weeks. The buds on this plant never seem to want to fluff up to a fuller size, could this me due to the lighting only being two 400w (HPS + MH). This grower had major problems with the heat being too high, with temperatures raising to as high as 100 degrees. Although there was a source of CO2, which was from a quantity of alcohol fermentation going on in the grow room, it still was too hot. This resulted in low relative humidity. The plants were left in flowering for approximately 10 weeks. The smoke is fine, cool with a creeping effect. The THC content is not too high and leaves quite a mild effect.

I tried a second crop of this, as there was a certain amount of seeding. This could have been from an outside source, i.e. a 'mate' coming round and fertilizing or it could simply be the fact that these plants have hermaphroditic properties. In the second crop, there were 3 females 1 male and 1 hermaphrodite. The hermaphrodite had many buds. It seemed also a shame to cut it down as it would have weighed in an awful lot of bud, though there were tiny small male buds, underneath the female buds. Upon first noticing, the plant was cut down and disposed of. Of the three good plants remaining one has started out as a really small squat plant, though with a snip to allow for branching of the tops, it turned out to be quite a good plant. It managed to grow full of bud, no taller than 1 meter and it never branched out. This plant would be ideal for bunching up many plants in smaller spaces. It tended to be stronger against heat trouble and varying degrees of humidity.

Overall Effect: Somewhat couchlock
Sex: Slightly hermaphroditic
Bloom Lighting: 410w to 1000w
Outdoor Harvest: Not Listed

plants per SF:
Plant Yield: 3.00
Plant Height: 72
Harvest Indoor: 65 to 70 days

End of Strain Report
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