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Super Haze from Dutch Passion

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Super Haze from Dutch Passion

1st price "High Times Cup" 1992 1st price "High Times Cup" 1992 1st price "High Times Cup" 1992 1st price "High Times Cup" 1992
Super Haze from Dutch Passion
Grower reports: 2 Viewed: 97,314 times Rated by 2 users: 7.62/10
'Super Haze' from Dutch Passion
- 'Super Haze'
1st price "High Times Cup" 1992
Formerly this strain was called "Haze/Skunk". Still one of the best for the Dutch Passion team. Originally Haze is a pure Sativa strain. It is crossed with Skunk#1 to get a bigger yield, a softer taste and a shorter flowering period. Truly superior sweet taste. The high is in-credibly clear and up energy. A very favorite strain from our collection. Very high yield for an almost 100% Sativa variety.
THC = 11.9%, CBD < 0.1%
Grower Report - Kenny dope smoker on January 18, 2004, 6:59 pm Super Haze from Dutch Passion rated 6.67

Report 1 of 1From Kenny dope s
Vintage: Not Listed
Effect: Nicely balanced
Odor Description: Very sweet, sort of juicy fruit smell
Taste: Just like the smell
Garden Style for This Report: Not Listed


I vegged Super Haze quite long, but I wish I'd have vegged it for longer, as it didn't stretch much during flower.

This strain has no problems sucking up the nutes; I used full strength with no hint of fert burn at all. The nodes are very bunched up, close together, and you can already smell that sweet, sweet smell of the Super haze.


After I triggered it, Super Haze showed sex first out of the whole grow room, with hardly any stretch at all, and the nodes still very close together for a Sativa.

Because the plant is quite short, with the nodes too, it looks a very impressive yield quite early in flower, with the buds long and quite thin, but it is also very loose bud, not compact at all, therefore looking a very impressive yield.

As in veg, it drinks nutes like there's no tomorrow, I fed till 42 days, then added the booster at 50 days after flushing for a week.

I don't know if all of Super Haze are the same, as this is the only one I've grown, but after this grow, my advice is veg BIG.

This plant finished at 69 days, but could have gone longer, maybe 5 - 10 days or so.

The smell of this strain is absolutely delightful, I've never smelled a sweeter smelling bud than Super Haze, you just can't stop smelling it, you don't want to smoke it, it's so nice!
It really doesn't smell like bud, you'll want to eat it, honestly.


The high of the Super Haze was really quite disappointing, I was expecting a LOT more from this strain, the high does not match the name.

It's very mild, comes on quite slow, but it's not very potent at all, probably the mildest bud I've ever smoked, but it is still quite pleasant, if it wasn't for the smell, and the creamy sweet taste of the Super Haze, then I'd be very disappointed.

Overall Effect: Nicely balanced
Sex: Standard (M/F)
Bloom Lighting: 260w to 400w
Outdoor Harvest: Not Listed

plants per SF:
Plant Yield: 2.50
Plant Height: 160
Harvest Indoor: 65 to 70 days

End of Strain Report
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