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Mighty Haze Candy from Dutch Flowers

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Mighty Haze Candy from Dutch Flowers

Quite a few growers e-mailed us requesting we put "that Mighty Candy" strain back on the auction block, so here it is with updated name. Offer these buds, you'll be the Candy Man.
Mighty Haze Candy from Dutch Flowers
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'Mighty Haze Candy' from Dutch Flowers
- 'Mighty Haze Candy'
Quite a few growers e-mailed us requesting we put "that Mighty Candy" strain back on the auction block, so here it is with updated name. Offer these buds, you'll be the Candy Man.
A persistent wish of sativa lovers has been to grow full-rush sativa buds on an Indica-like plant, taking advantage of its early flowering convenience and tight crystally buds characteristics. To this end, we have tried several Indica-dominant plants as mothers for the outstanding Ãœber Candy Haze, and have grown the resulting F1s to completion in order to find the best combination. The MCW x Ãœber Candy Haze was the clear winner: it allowed for a dramatic reduction of flowering time (down to just 40 - 44 days on some individuals) while at the same time keeping the wonderful sativa head rush of the Ãœber Candy Haze intact.
Our MCW's clone (Mighty Chemo Widow, an NCGA's vintage original) cross did an extremely good job, as it was able to fully convey its very quick flowering time and tight crystal structure. The average MCW x Ãœber Candy Haze female takes 48 days to finish, matching the quickness of the better Indica dominant plants, but it produces buds that are full-blown sativa in its effect, with almost no body or physical effects at all. The resulting flowers have taken after the Ãœber Candy Haze in their aroma and taste, a candy sweet, exotic "tutti frutti" scent with a contrasting sour & spicy background. Very smooth in the throat and lungs, even deceptively so, since the Ãœber Candy Haze high takes a few minutes to kick in full swing.
We heartily recommend this plant for commercial growers seeking to produce buds with that roller-coaster, trippy effect of the best sativas in a medium-short plant, with very early flowering traits (about 25% of the females will be an extreme early flowerer at 40 - 44 days). Lovely tight buds with orange hairs, totally covered in resin, borne generously (the plant is quite branchy and thus productive) on a well-behaved, nice-looking plant. Very low odour when growing, does not present security issues on that front.
Very early flowerer, takes from 48 to 52 days to finish for buds which pistils are 60% brown. About 1 in 4 females will be extremely fast, finishing after only 40 to 44 days in flower (these females tend to be the better yielders too). Obvious commercial potential -allows growers to churn out Hazy buds real fast.
Indica-like phenotype, very easy to work with, with a final height of around 3 feet when flowered at 12 inches or less, pretty stealthy plant in that it does not reek or stink. Willing cloner, roots readily, above-average feeder.
Very tight buds with a solid coating of white crystal are liberally borne on a plant that tends to branch naturally (we recommend pruning to 4 branches for heavy yield). Excellent visual appeal, buds sport an intense krypto-green colour and are nicely aromatic.
Excellent yielder of trippy, head rush buds, quite suitable for screen of green type of grows. Does extremely well in bubblers (recommended!). The better phenotype (tight-noded, shorter plants) tend to be the better yielders and also the most powerful (unlike many Hazy strains, where real potency is found in the stretchy, tall phenotypes).
Very smooth, non-coughing smoke, with an extremely tantalizing candy-sweet "tutti frutti" exotic taste, with a trace of a spicy-sour incense smell. Smokers liken the smell and taste to sweet tropical Kool-Aid, and some females are really close to Wrigleys Juicy Fruit bubblegum. Definitely recommended for those who appreciate good taste.
Ãœber Candy Haze full racy head effect, near no body stone at all (some individuals hint a little body stone). Long lasting trippy UP high, fades away without crushing, simply lands the user in a clear, lucid state, no munchies or body aches.
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