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Kali-Spice from Dman Seeds

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Kali-Spice from Dman Seeds

I grow using two side by side closets with shelf dividers in my basement, the footprints on both are small (20" x 42"). I left them in veg in 2 gallon containers for 2-3 weeks under a 250W MH, during that time I LST trained them
Kali-Spice from Dman Seeds
Grower reports: 1 Viewed: 9,544 times Rated by 1 user: 8.00/10
'Kali-Spice' from Dman Seeds
- 'Kali-Spice'
Grower Report - jinxie on December 20, 2005, 10:40 am Kali-Spice from Dman Seeds rated 8.00

Report 1 of 1From jinxie
Vintage: May, 2006
Effect: Nicely balanced
Odor Description:
Taste: thick and hashy with a soft lavender aftertaste
Garden Style for This Report: Bush
May, 2006

The Kali side really adds alot of sativa to this strain, the phenotypes were very different. One pheno is very sativa in stretch and finishing (70days), one's a very even mix with excellent yield and a very indica-like bud structure (70 days), and one very indica pheno with a tendency to purple with slightly low temps and moderated nute strengths as well as a quick finishing time (60 days).
Germination rate was 100% and cloning was very easy in the pre-soaked peat pellets. It reacted well to suppercropping and LST training. Yield wise I think the indica pheno could be better suited for my setup, someone with lots of spece in a 1k+ setup would do great with any of these.
The stretchiness is a small price to pay for a nice sativa high with a killer long term buzz. It is one of the more potent strains I've grown with above average trich production. It has a very dense clustering of buds that are very crusty with thrichomes, they make those spiraling calyx towers I love. The smoke is thick and hashy with a lavender aftertaste, a very creative high and a good daytime toke.
This is a very good hash making strain as it yielded very heavy in the bubblebags with some good trim. It is not a very leafy strain, mostly bud, so trimming is quickfast. I did a 60 day cure with some of these and they were much hashier and sweater but I was smoking this stuff practically wet and it was very smooth, even newb's don't cough.

Overall Effect: Nicely balanced
Sex: Standard (M/F)
Bloom Lighting: 260w to 400w
Outdoor Harvest: Not Listed

plants per SF:
Plant Yield: 1.20
Plant Height: 60
Harvest Indoor: 65 to 70 days

End of Strain Report
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