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Agent Orange From TGA

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Agent Orange From TGA

Agent Orange
Orange Velvet X JC x SQ (jtr)
This is the first cross that Jill and I have worked on together crossing our two lines by using our now selected JTR male to add some punch and Lemon to this overly orange strain. It has long been on the list of projects to combine JC and an orange strain, it has actually been done but it a different way. Juan Moore actually selfed the JC mom and pollinated a small bud of Cali O. This experiment produced an amazing smelling strain he called 7-up, although I have never had the chance to try it I fell in love with the idea. We however took no short cuts and actually out crossed the female JC in order to produce a male breeding pool.
Crossing of two lines expect variation leaning to both sides with the desired female having the most JC attributes.
Agent Orange is a very good producer with extremely resinous large dense buds. The smell is amazing with hints of Oranges, Lemons and the smell of a Whiskey Sour cocktail. The strain contains pigments that have the ability to turn Maroon, purple with cool nights. The buzz is up and motivating and make smile.
1) Phenotypes- Two main variations one short and thick and one taller and more resinous.
2) Height- Very tall block head colas
3) Yield- Very Heavy but all in last weeks
4) Indoor/Outdoor
5) Best Way to Grow- Top and bud early
6) Harvest Window-55-65 days
7) Sativa/ Indica 50/50
8) Hybrid- Local Orange Skunk x Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen
9)High type- Strong and tasty leaves a Orange after taste and an almost trippy high.
10) Taste like a cross between Oranges and sour mix
11) My largest yields this run came from this strain
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