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The Third Dimension

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The Third Dimension

The Third Dimension
A-13 X JC X SQ (jtr)
Aka 3D
Dank Dairy Certified
This amazing three way was created during the pollination of Jacks Cleaner 2 and even though that was my focus this cross really has me interested. A-13 is a known dominant mother plant and as you know I created JTR mainly as a breeding pool for JC2 so now we have a male that's better than the JCB father as far as potency and stability are concerned. If you never worked with another male Space Dude would be the only one you needed. We took it a step further and worked him with the F1 JC mom to create JTR and from that we choose a SQ dominant male. Everyone I talk to agrees this is going to make history.
Medium Yielding Hybrid with strong speedy buzz
1. Phenotypes –Mainly Sativa with incredible speed and high resin production
2. Height-Medium stretch/ Triangle shaped Colas
3. Yield-Medium / Easy to Trim
4. Indoor/ Outdoor
5. Best way to grow- Topped and vegged to a 30" Bush
6. Harvest Window_45-50 days
7. Sativa/ Indica 60/40
8. Hybrid-Apollo-13 X Jack the Ripper
9. High type-Warm soft waves of high and very easy to smoke
10. Tropical flavors range from Cocoanuts, pineapples, Kiwi and fruit punch
11. Incredibly fast plant great for making Red bubble.
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