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Dispensary Inventory Tracking

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Inventory tracking system
designed for the marijuana industry.

Seed to Sale

Every medical marijuana plant in our system will be tagged with a unique (random) 13 digit identification number. This number is visibly displayed and also encoded in an electronically readable format (a bar code). The inventory control tags will be created using a thermal bar code printing technology.

The goal of inventory control is to create a wholly transparent process of production and distribution so that at any time the condition and quantity of every product, regardless of its production stage, is documented.  This will allow you to maintain exceptional quality while avoiding over or underproduction, and it allow you to prevent or promptly recognize any misallocation or theft.

The state-of-the art Seed to Sale system has extremely flexible inventory capabilities perfectly suited to the complex challenges you face in high-security inventory tracking.  A general overview of how our inventory tracking system will operate is demonstrated in the video below.


Real-time information about the processing, packaging, sale, return, and disposal of inventory is entered into this system, creating a comprehensive data management system that documents every aspect of our operation:

  • allowing the Dispensary to know what strains and quantities are or soon will be available,
  • creating timely alerts on possible diversion, and
  • creating timely warnings of possible overproduction.

Our flexible design allows for a closed LAN install or a web based install. Contact me to test drive our demo web based installation, with all tracking features available, allowing you to try it before you buy it. .

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