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What to know: Legal marijuana in California

Last November's election legalized marijuana in California. The odor of smoked marijuana is no longer an indicator of criminal activity, which makes a huge difference on how police must now act.

Can anyone over 21 purchase marijuana? - Not yet, applications for cannabis businesses begin in December of 2017 and the first permits are expected January 2, 2018. After then, the businesses will start sales.  Sonoma seems to have started their sales off last month.

Where can I smoke Marijuana? - You can't consume marijuana in a public place or side walk or around children. Driving and boating are out. Your residence is a fine place to consume and there will also be consumption clubs where you can smoke in a social setting. Magnolia Wellness in Berkeley already is serving patients at their consumption area.

Can I grow marijuana? - Yes, I'm sure these adult use clubs will stock starter clones or seeds and each household can grow 6 plants (more with a med card). Don't carry more than an ounce of dried flowers or 8 grams of concentrate while traveling. At home you're allowed to have the harvest from 6 plants.

What's the price? - The price tends to tumble in states that legalize even if it starts out high. A local favorite here, Flow Kanna brand, already has eights for $35, expect that to drop to $25 or less.

What about edibles? - They are strong AF. Read the dose info on the package then follow it. It is extremely uncomfortable to over dose on THC, and ingested THC is a different THC than when smoked, so experience smokers beware. 

The marijuana industry in California is huge, nothing this size has come online yet. Look for tourism to be huge around LA and the Bay and points North.

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