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Parents of the Blueberry?-

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Parents of the Blueberry?- [Find more information in the GrowFAQ]
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Who out there knows how the blueberry was crossed? I am sure alot of us would like to know. Being that it is my favourite I should know where it comes from. ThankYou. HOMETOKER

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Hello hometoker,,,

You should get a book called The Cannabible by Jason King. I got mine at Barnes and Noble in the gardening section lol. Costs maybe $25 bucks and is completely full color and very descriptive. Also has a nice section in the front giving a minor history lesson as to the orgins of all these strains we have today.

Anyway, to answer your question,,this is a direct quote from the book about BlueBerry.

"Ah, if only all breeders knew as much about their strains as DJ Short, the producer of BlueBerry, does. the pedigree details of this Cannabis Cup 2000 winner are as follows: Three strains--Highland Thai, Pruple Thai, and Afghani Indica--were used to create Blueberry (and others in DJ Short's collection).
The Highland Thai (also called Juicy Fruit Thai) was a huge, slighly hermaphroditic, slow-finishing Thai sativa plant. The Purple Thai was a first-generation cross between a Highland Oaxaca Gold (Mexican) and a Chocolate Thai. The Afghani Indica was just that--an Afghani Indica. The Blueberry was discovered and stabilized from a cross between parents of a female Juicy Fruit Thai or Female Purple Thai and a male Afghani Indica. I hold a special plane in my heart for the real Blueberry. The flowers are so fragrant, so....blue smelling. The succulent blueberry flavors stays on your tongue and your mind for hours. Highly recommended.
I do not, however, recommend buying DJ shorts strains from Sagamartha Seeds in Amsterdam; these are not authorized and are, subsequently, stolen. Dutch Passion is the only authorized distributor in Amsterdam for DJ Shorts strains."

Thats all he says about Blueberry dude,,,,this book was written in 2000 though,,,,so what he says there at the end may or may not be true anymore,,,,who knows,,,,I myself have some blueberry from Gypsy and they are fukin wonderful :), i love emmmm.

Hope that helps you out some dude

Peace and POT


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Thank you, I have admired your Blue pics they looked real sweet.

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Just another side note. DP does use them, but are used in their crosses, if you want the orginal, get them thru DJ Short. Also that accounts for the DP prices being cheaper.

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my understanding was that DJ supplied DP w/ the strains of his they're selling...there's another thread/article in the Breeders Lab about the same subject.

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But remember, who has the parents, DJ does. He gave DP seeds(unless it was clones, but I haven't seen this), therefore they had to either make crosses, or F2's.

Kinda reminds me of Greenhouses Whitewidow. Shantibaba still has the original parents, and Shantibaba doesn't work there no more, so how does Greenhouse make their seeds still, if they don't have the parents, even though the lineage is almost identical. (I have never heard of Greenhouse having the parents, but they might in clone form, the same with DP, but I have never read or saw this data.) I'm sure they have F2's and have other breeders breed them. The samething with DP.

If I'm wrong on this, then bad on me, but I'm pretty sure this is how it is. No one gives their life work away, not without getting paid some big bucks for the parents. But even then, it's the key to your whole genetic lineup, you just don't give them away.

Been trying to do a search here for the last 10 minutes, and I get the busy return. I did read the thread in the breeder's lab, but I didn't see anything about this topic. But would really like to know.

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blueberry is so inbred that it's all going to be pretty uniform for the most part, w/ an IBL you don't need particular parents, it's not an F1 cross of two selected parents, it's an entire line that's had certain selection criteria placed on it, not just a mother/father pair...WW may be a different story, I haven't looked into it much, so I don't know. as for giving away lifes work, why do you think most strains on the market aren't IBL? hybrid vigour from F1s is part of the reason, but giving up years work w/ IBLs is another...

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I don't think that's the case with most. But to me, spending 3 or more years on certain selection is long time to devote. Most breeder's throw stuff together on a whim, and I don't consider that true breeding. But when someone takes the time to make a careful selection, then that is effort going into their work. When you make a hybrid, not all will be from ibl's by the way. You could work on finding the right mom, say out nl#5, and bring it down several generations, growing out hundreds if not more each time. Once it's stable in the trait you are after, then you can find a donor male of good standings. And cross, but the outcome can still go either way. But you still spent alot of time on it. Why then, would you just give the parents away after finding that right combination, I wouldn't. It's your work, would you call a Rembrandt not his work, of course you wouldn't, nor would you call the copies a Rembrandt. But you will make other hybrids, and will still stabilize certain parents, as with new paintings, the collection all together becomes your life's work. So in that, it is part of his life's work.

I'm not saying everyone puts that amount of time into their work, but there are those few who do, and you can tell by their products. And it seems to always start a rave of copies. WhiteWidow, Blueberry, C99. Take Souls G13 projects, which have been going on for years, and still, do you see them on the market yet, nope! And it still may be a few years before you do, that's dedication to getting it right, if that's not someone's work, I don't know what is. Like taking words and making a beautiful poem. The words are not ours to begin with, but when the poem is done, it is a masterpiece, it belongs and came from one's inspiration, desire, and work(dedication ).

Even with IBL's, you still have to grow out several, even though there are uniform, there are still slight differences. And you want to find the best of the best, but then you still have to find the right combination, at least that's the way I feel. Anyone can slap 2 plants together, knock one up, make seeds, shit I don't even have to try sometimes, it just happens. LOL :D Damn kids are everywhere. :D

Most people who call themselves breeder's are not, that's just my take. Though some do get lucky, and there isn't nothing wrong with that.

But back to the one question. Most seeds bought today are not strains, but crosses, and hybrids. And you are right, most breeder's don't do their work, they just find the ibl seeds, and cross them, and they get sold, for the fact that they are an ibl. Take afghani for instance, there are several different types out there, it's not like they're all the same. Enviroment, and the spread of pollen does crreate diversity in their native population, bringing rise to different kinds of afghani. So just by trying to find the one that suits your need could be time consuming. Or you could do what everyone else does, buy them from the bank, but which one is the best. Goes back to research, and growing out several generations to find one, as for us simple homegrowers, or commercial growers, it's not that big of a deal, as long as we can find a keeper in a pack, but the question is, can you really find a keeper in a pack of 10? If you're a breeder? or if you're just a grower?

The Blue Family
The Blue Family (Blueberry, Blue Velvet, Flo, Purple Passion, Blue Moonshine and Blue Heaven), has been successfully introduced to the market by Dutch Passion in recent years. A successful and traditional group of varieties; for Europe, however, a new genetic line. These varieties gave a fresh breeze to the somewhat "dusty" Dutch gene pool, consisting mainly of crosses between Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze. The genetics of "The Blue Family" are basically made up from an Oaxacan (legendary Mexican Sativa), a Thai, and an Indica strain. Within these three main varieties the Blue Family strains have their own genotype, each expressing different accents of the main three varieties:
Oaxacan -- Flo -- PP -- BV -- Thai -- BH -- BB -- BM -- Indica
The Sativa characteristics of the Flo come mainly from the Oaxacan and for Blue Velvet from the Thai. Blueberry (80% Indica) and Blue Moonshine (90% Indica) are more related to the Indica variety. Through years of selection the specific genetic profiles of the different varieties were sharpened and at the same time stabilized. All members of the Blue Family show blue, and red to lilac, shades on their calyxes, leaves and stems, depending on the temperature at flowering time. The colder, the more color. So, grown outdoors (Southern Europe), this phenomenon is a lot clearer than when grown indoors.
The leaves of the Blue Family strains might show white spots and stripes. This does not slow down growth. It is sort-specific to these strains. In the first three weeks of flowering the Blue Family strains grow slower compared to other strains. After the third week of flowering they will catch up and give a beautiful harvest.
The members of the "Blue Family" are praised for their connoisseurs' quality, and offer an exquisite, punctual, up-high and remarkable taste variety.

Dutch Passion was one of the first Dutch Seed Companies, and has been producing and selling Cannabis Seeds for more than ten years. In this time we got a lot of experience in producing the best possible quality of Cannabis Seeds. The basis of our success is the genetic control we have over our strains and the constant influx of new genetics that we obtain worldwide. Upgrading our seed stock is our constant concern. We do our utmost to supply you now and in the future with the best genetics available. Our success is your success and yours is ours. Most of the varieties in our collection are F1 hybrids. Crossing two pure strains (hybridizing) gives F1 hybrids that possess the so-called Hybrid Vigour. This means that the F1 generation is a lot more potent than both parent generations. All seeds from our collection are biologically grown. We do seed germination tests every 3 months to keep our seed stock in optimum condition. ALL - FEMALE SEEDS FROM DUTCH PASSION
now available. Growing from female-only seeds has many advantages, both indoor and outdoor, compared with regular seeds. Growing from regular seeds means that part of the seeds will give rise to male plants and female plants, and the percentage of female plants varies widely. Whether a seed becomes male or female is not just genetic, but environmental. For growers who are well experienced , percentage of female plants is 60% - 90% female, but less experienced growers can end up with 100% male plants. Growing from female seeds will yield only female plants, there is no male chromosome in these genetics. You will now save time, energy, space, pollination-worries or male plants you have to nurture only to destroy in 2 - 3 months. Where there are rstrictions on the number of plants to grow, all-female is more efficient. Its also great for outdoor guerilla farming, no males to have to come back to eliminate.


Originally posted by shantibaba:

Originally posted by Jason:
what are the strains that comprise white widow. is it what the package says. are u ingemar, at white widow web they claim they are the original breeders of the ww.
I created Greenhouse Seed company in 1995 and won the HTCC with the strain I called White Widow.Now I call it Black Widow since setting up the MR NICE SEEDBANK. I know Ingemar and have worked with him in the passed.He is not a seed breeder, but he he a very good groweron soil.As far as I know he never supplied seed to anyone I know so I cannot tell you anything about the seed he sells ,but he never won the fame with his seed.He just uses the name like most people do...nothing to stop them doing so.I hope this explains a little more about the story...all the best Shantibaba

Originally posted by shantibaba:
the other versions of white widow from all companies of course were never going to give a stable version of a misused name.I began this whole ww thing with certain plants.I know that other companies only used bought seed to try and recreate a very difficult line.Now since leaving GHSco and beginning MR NICE SEEDBANK , I know that only I have the correct parent plants to recreate this line.There are none other that have kept these particular parent plants alive nor ever had the original versions.The name has become misleading and the breed bastardized as a result.
So I changed the name to Black Widow and in this strain you will find what you asked in every packet.If you search a male then check the Fibonacci ratios, that will condense down the plants to use.After that use an eye glaSS daily to see if the male produces resin early in its flower cycle.Then use the best 2 or 3 males to the same female.Try the F1 and Bob will be your uncle!
If you truly want to use the correct things you must do research as you know.Personally I have nothing against seed traders, but they sometimes sell what they have without really having any idea of what it was.I produce, guarantee and use all my products myself.Try to find that when you need new beans.
Yes Ozzies are everywhere.We have a fresh approach that rigid societies really need.We do not take no for an answer.We don't really give a f... what others say...with all these facets in a social conscience it is no wonder we are doing what we are doing.All the best Shantibaba

Originally posted by shantibaba:
I do not know what Greenhouse put in their seed packets since two years.
I think if there was one seed that could not be adulterated it would be NH...but I can not vouch for it.
As for looking for the NH mother there are a few things to take into consideration.First you should go for the girls that flower relatively quickly for this type of sativa, since all others can go on for ever...
Secondly the phenotype is of a lanky looking plant that extends itself in the grow phase...if you have one.All work of this variety can be done on 12/12 including cloning.Smell that comes early to this plant is a good thing to go on also.NH has many faces but the finished bud should be very trippy and with a distinct taste and smell that makes it hard to keep this bud in your stash.Hope this helped a little...all the best Shantibaba

Just found this article over at CW

Originally posted by MisterIto:
I received this via email from someone concerned about different flowering periods for Flo:

I spoke to Legends. I had an interesting reply. It sounds as though DJ Shorts has given Dutch Passion permission to not only stock the Blue line seeds (Blue Moonshine, Blueberry etc), but to breed their own seeds. As Dutch passion does not have the "parents" that DJ Short has (they only have the seeds, or "kids" ) "genetic drift" occurrs. This is what I was told. This to me means that the product Dutch Passion sells and the product that DJ Short sells is different. It may be MOSTLY the same genetics, but this genetic drift is apparently what counts for the 15 day flowering delay. This to me means that I am not getting the REAl DEAL and I am somewhat dissappointed that this was not made known to me and that I had to do a considerable amount of homework in order to uncover this. This "genetic drift" could also explain the reason that the Blue line that Dutch Passion sells is considerably cheaper than the "real deal" DJ Shorts from Legends. For example, Blue Moonshine from Legends (breeder DJ shorts) cost $100 American, but from Dutch Passion it only cost $55 American.

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And here's a very interesting report by DJ on the breeding of blueberry... :)

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damm there a link where it reads it too me? Too much too read i gave up.. lol

pLaYbOy_PlAyEr || title:Parents of the Blueberry?|| ||author:pLaYbOy_PlAyEr|| ||forum:5||
damm there a link where it reads it too me? Too much to read i give up.. lol

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is a playboy player a guy that goes trying to get play from the playboys?

geez dude, reading is the key to knowledge and power; work on it some.


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I actually find this one to be quite short. :D

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hey when shatibaba or dj short aint looking, someone could have easily took a cutting from the original mother plant..