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The Story of T.H Seeds

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The Story of T.H Seeds

Having been around for more than ten years, T.H. Seeds has established itself as one of the most highly regarded seed companies in the world. It has introduced to the world numerous and now infamous cannabis varieties such as the original Bubblegum, the impressive sativa S.A.G.E. and many more. It can definitely be said that T.H. Seeds has secured its place as a leading competitor in the cannabis seed industry as they won first prize in the Indica Seed Category at the High Times Cannabis Cup for two years in a row now, for respectively The Hog (2002) and MK-Ultra (2003).

1993 was the year T.H. Seeds established its name in the world of cannabis cultivation. Right in the center of Amsterdam, it had its base at the cool hangout called C.I.A. (Cannabis in Amsterdam). The C.I.A. was not only the headquarters for T.H. Seeds but also the first outlet for Europe’s first and finest Hemp store Hempworks.

Many notorious cannabis connoisseurs were impressed by the C.I.A and it quickly became one of the most popular places to visit, meet other cannabis enthusiasts and exchange knowledge on cannabis cultivation. R.C. Clarke perfectly described it as he named it “the epicenter of the cannabis universe”.

Due to Amsterdam’s bureaucratic reasoning in 1995, the C.I.A. had to close down, but fortunately they found a great location right around the corner from where the store used to be. T.H. Seeds and Hempworks are now established on one of Amsterdam’s most famous shopping streets, the Nieuwendijk.

Impressive introductions followed like the living legend S.A.G.E. in 1995. This strain rapidly became one of the worlds most sought after sativa’s. The great flavor and the long lasting high conquered many cannabis loving hearts. The great results on growing this plant made it one of the most attractive sativa’s to grow. Over the years S.A.G.E. has been gaining more and more respect resulting in numerous awards. In the year 2000 it took first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in the hash category. A year later it won the second prize in the Press Cup at the same Cup. In 2002 it was awarded at the High Life Cup with a second prize for seed companies and also grabbed second place in the outdoor category.

Other interesting strains from T.H. Seeds’ original collection include the flavorful Chocolate Chunk, the massive producer Heavy Duty Fruity, the resin-packed Kal-X and a knockout variety The Hog.

This year T.H. Seeds added two new varieties to its collection: Sage ‘n Sour, a killer cross between the flagship strain S.A.G.E. and the infamous Sour Diesel. A tasty Sativa with a reasonably short flowering time. The other new strain is called MK Ultra. A special cross between the legendary (super strong!) G-13 and world famous L.A. Kush, Very strong and flavorful.

One thing’s for sure and that is that T.H. Seeds has grown a lot in the past years. Its main focus has always been and always will be preserving and improving their line of top quality of seeds and meeting the demands of growers and smokers.


T.H.Seeds past Victories:
1995 Cannabis Cup: Kal-X hash laminate takes 3rd place in the hash category
1996 Cannabis Cup: Bubblegum hash micro-chip takes 3rd place in the hash category
1996 HasH Bash: Bubblegum laminated hash takes 2nd place in the hash category.
1998 Cannabis Cup: S.A.G.E. takes 3rd highest THC level with 21% THC. This THC test included all 50 varieties entered including seed companies and coffeeshops giving The S.A.G.E. a higher THC level then any of the Cannabis Cup winners
1999 Cannabis Cup: S.A.G.E. takes 3rd highest THC from all the varieties entered.
1999 Cannabis Cup: S.A.G.E. water hash takes 2nd place in the Hash category.
1999 Cannabis Cup: S.A.G.E. water hash takes 2nd highest THC level with over 46%
2000 Cannabis Cup: S.A.G.E. water hash takes 1st place in the hash category
2001 Cannabis Cup: S.A.G.E. takes 2nd place for best overall weed in the Press Cup, voted by the international press.
2001 Cannabis Cup: S.A.G.E. rated highest Sativa by High Times writer Kyle Kushman.
2002 Cannabis Cup : The HOG, takes first place in the seed company Indica Cup
2003 Cannabis Cup : MK Ultra, takes first place in the seed company Indica Cup

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