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DJ Short on the Blue Family:

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DJ Short on the Blue Family:

"The "Blue Family" of the herbal community originated from crosses of four varieties: Highland Thai, Chocolate Thai, Highland Oaxaca Gold, and Afghan Indica. All were pure P-1 contributing ancestors. Both Thai varieties and the Oaxaca were pure, land-race sativas.The seeds were gleaned from the connoisseur's choice herb of the late 1970s/early 1980s directly from their region of origin.The indica line came one generations removed from its region of origin in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan via the growing community and network in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

The Highland Thai, also known as "Juicy Fruit Thai," produced a maze of many branches in a full, bushy tangle that was quite asymmetric, developing no easily identifiable main stem at maturity. The Oaxaca Gold was crossed with the Chocolate Thai to produce a plant that became known as "Purple Thai." The Purple Thai had symmetric branching patterns and grew tall with support. Both the Highland Thai and the Purple Thai were late bloomers, with finishing times that ranged between 10-16 weeks indoors or as late as mid-November outside, and sported at least minimal hermaphroditism. They each also produced champion herb that had little or no "ceiling" to them; that is, the more one consumed, the higher the experience.

The Purple and Highland Thai became the two female contributors to the Blue Family Females were selected for overall quality of the finished product, including bouquet, flavor and buzz, as well as the lowest incidence of hermaphroditism. The Afghani Indica supplied the male P-1 pollen source. Selection among the Afghani plants was based on stout full structure and strong, musky, "skunkish" odor. The resulting cross grew very uniformly to a medium height producing long, spear-shaped buds. I referred to this fI simply as "the Cross." When two of these "Cross" plants were bred together, the resulting f2 "DoubleCross" produced an extreme variation in phenotypic expression. It was from these varied Double Cross f2s that the Blue Family members were chosen and stabilized through several generations of selective breeding.

Not really his breeding history but it is his history of breeding the "Blues"