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The Story of Reservoir Seeds

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Reservoir Seeds~


I started growing in the late 80's,when I met a guy we'll call K,with a Phototron,a (Neville's) Seed Bank Catalog,and about fifteen sheets of very very good blotter.
K,who was to be my partner in many nefarious adventures over the next decade-plus,(until alcohol ruined his productivity) had a huge collection of High Times magazines which we read and re-read...and that's how it all started,
in the most general sense.
Soon the scenario was upgraded,to H.I.D. lighting,and I never looked back.
I shared knowledge with a lot of people about what I knew best,which was indica-doms in ebb/flo tables,and we spread a fair amount of Skunk1/Basic5 and Neville's Hash Plant around a certain demographic area to the tune of a million or so,(in 80s bucks),before it all caved in,somewhat due to folks getting sloppy,but mostly because of some nasty LEO ops that would actively HUNT growers,sorta' like Vancouver has,now.
When the SSSC and The Seed Bank closed shop back in the late 80's,I realised right at that point,way back then, that there was a huge IMPORTANCE in keeping the availability of great genetics of a plant that's illegal
So,I selectively bred NL 5x2 f2s, Skunk1/B5 f2s,and some HP crosses, etc.
Sadly,those seeds were lost years ago,off to a landfill as a result of a huge fuckup involving misidentification of property....but I bred my first seeds in 1989,if that dates me,a little.
I've taken years off from growing here and there,but I always kept coming back-it's always the Best when you do it,yourself,imHo.
Anyhow,you know what I've been up to for the past couple of years,so there's no need to elaborate about the Sour Diesel Projects or the William's Wonder Projects,let's just say I'm a busy entity who's totally absorbed by this work, we'll leave it at that.