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The JLP Story

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I think I smoked my first joint around 1980 back in high school.Back then Skunk had just really started to come on to the scene.I stopped in 84 and didn't resume until about 95.Upon my return I was really put off by the high prices and dealing with flakes so It didn't take me long to figure out I should just grow my own.
I started with a couple flouros and a few bagseed.The only thing I knew was that you smoked the females and that was it.
When I started I didn't have a computer,but I got an issue of High Times and ordered Mel Franks book and the original SOG video with Hans.The book gave me knowledge and the video gave me inspiration.I've been growing non-stop ever since.
Even with my limited knowledge it only took about 3 weeks of growing before I found myself at the local Lighting supplier buying a 400 watt hps ballast.There were no local grow shops then so I made my own hood and ballast box.
I've built or bought several lights since then,air-cooled,water-cooled and light movers.
I grew in soil for the first few years until I switched to an ebb-flow.Switching to HIDs and switching to hydro were the two biggest advancements I've had in my grow, but I've fiddled with everything,CO2 injection,all sorts of nutes and techniques.
In the beggining seeds were un-attainable except from bagseed so my first grows were rather schwaggy.In 2000 I got my first computer and began surfing the pot sites.It didn't take me long to find a seed source for all those cup winning strains I oogled over in High Times.
My first bought seeds were Nirvana seeds from Seeds Direct.Even back then picking strains was kind of a shot in the dark because of the wide variety,but over time if you become aware of the knock-out strains.
Once you've grown for a while the desire to breed comes naturally.