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Stealth closet cabinet tutorial

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Project scope:

Provide a useful but stealthy place to grow for medical growers who are apartment dwellers. It's designed for light tightness and stealth and so the closet looks exactly the same when you move out. Close the closet doors and it's hard to see and light tight at night. Open up all the doors during the day for maximum ventilation and low interior temps.

Illustration overview:
Our 400 Watt HPS is a one piece with the ballast built in. Not the perfect way to go but it was available. At 40 pounds shipping would be costly. Hanging this is 'whack'. It's so disproportional heavy on the ballast end we decided the skylight idea was the way to go. A frame of 2x4 is built to recess the light and you can line the frame with tin foil to help with reflective ness and heat.


We need ventilation for our 1/2 a closet grow space. One fan for the intake, one for exhaust. One bolts to the light.
The fans have direction arrows and they run off wall current (115v). Jameco.com is a full service supply house that's in the bay area.

Expect the trip to Jameco to cost about $50 and tax. Also they ship anywhere, very reliable

Jameco Electronics
1355 Shoreway Rd, Belmont, CA (near Ralston & the 101 - frontage Rd. to 101)

Catalog page 189

Fultech AC tube Axial Fans.. (You need 3)

Select with leads or terminals, if you choose terminals you need a fan power cord. In any case you need a 2-wire standard 115v AC plug.

303440CB 115v 4.68" x 4.68" x 1.5" thick 64 CFM 12"leads $13.45 EACH

303360CB 115v 4.68" x 4.68" x 1.5" thick 64 CFM Terminals $12.85 EACH

If you get the terminal fan you'll want a 24" cord (you'll need 3)

28564CB Straight Socket Cord $0.99

You need the part that plugs into a power strip, I suggest 2 power strips. That plus is easily wires and available at the grocery store hardware isle.

Chrome Guards for the fans, you'll want 4.

25734CB 4.68" fan guard $1.09 EACH

And 1 foam guard for the intake

196816CB 4.68" plastic/foam guard $1.95

Misc. nuts and bolts to attach the grills to the fans, #10-32's should work.

Now on to the lighting

The Grow light I used is a single piece unit

$144 plus $90 for a bulb. This light is very heavy on the ballast end. Pick one up local they weigh 40 LBS to ship. 38 of it on one end. This end goes to the original closet shelf.

You need a timer get one that runs the light and it's fan on the same timer.

You can find some of the ones on this page for $20.

has cabinets and one manufacturer named PAX has suitable cabinets 19"x39"x65" tall.

The trick here is just use the sides and top to make the a skylight type system where the light isn't actually in the cab. It's cooler making it external.

You'll need basic tools:
Skill Saw

You may have to rip lengths of wood to narrow doors like I did to get it to fit in a closet.
Place the ceiling on the shelf for support in back and use the walls for support up front.
Toe nail the walls to the baseboards of the interior closet and the backboard of the shelf. Make it so the landlord won’t know it was there when you take it down.

You'll need to cut intake and exhaust holes and the skylight hole in the ceiling. Drills and keyhole saws are the key here.
The intake is placed near the slit of the closed closet doors if you have sliders to allow for intake. There's plenty of room above most shelves for exhaust.
This takes up 1/2 of one closet, mount a couple power strips outside the garden on the wall that divides the closet in half. With the cabinet behind the doors light leaks are very minimal and light protection around the intake and exhaust are minimal.

The closet

The base

The light and exhaust scrub with kitty litter pearls
You need this on here for the stinky strains (bubblegum)

Night time on the lower 40

Too bad we don't know how to build a garden inside heh?