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Marijuana and asthma

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[size=12]Marijuana and asthma-

"Recent studies have demonstrated significant, acute bronchodilatation in healthy young men after both smoked marijuana (1, 2) and oral Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9-THC), the principal psychoactive ingredient in marijuana (2). More recently, the smoking of marijuana and ingestion of Delta 9-THC by subjects with chronic, clinically stable, bronchial asthma of minimal to moderate severity has been shown to produce airway dilatation of a magnitude similar to that previously noted in healthy subjects (3). Although these findings appear to support the benefit ascribed to the use of cannabis in the last century for the treatment of bronchial asthma (4), they do not provide any direct evidence for a bronchodilator effect of marijuana during an acute asthmatic attack. In the present study, the effects of smoked marijuana on bronchomotor tone were evaluated in asthmatic subjects after acute bronchospasm was induced either by inhalation of methacholine or ! by exercise."

Now, 1-2 hits of fresh green marijuana will open up your airways. But say you pack a huge bowl, after probably the second hit, it won't do anything for your asthma, if anything, it will cause increased chest pain and not a good feeling, sometimes weeziness. I suffer from asthma myself and don't notice any problem of marijuana affecting it. I do feel like I breath better after 1-2 tokes. Your airways open up more, allowing you to breath more oxygen..

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