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Thousands of people visit weedbay.net each month to make decisions about 420 businesses and services. Weedbay offers targeted advertising programs to increase your exposure on the site, so that when a potential medical marijuana customer is searching for a business like yours, they'll find you.

Weedbay.net and it’s network of cannabis related sites are leaders in the field for Northern California cannabis and throughout the entire US.

Current advertising packages:

RIGHT PANEL BANNER weedbay.net 160x600 SkyScrapper any format banner.

The right panel banner shows on all pages of strains, grow faq, news and articles at the main URL of weedbay.net. This banner is not in rotation.

FORUM LEADRBOARD weebay.net/forums 728x90

In rotation banner in header of weedbay forums.

These banners will run for a period of 3 months for $300. You can supply the banner art or we’ll make it for you.


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