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We're weedbay.net.

A bay area medical marijuana patient information resource since April, 2006. We offer the weedbay news service to keep the MMJ community informed on current events and the latest legislation and patient advocacy issues. Our Marijuana strain guide offers patients the inside scoop on cannabis strains with smoke reports, grow reports and first hand knowledge of all types of marijuana.

The community forums allow interaction and news feed imports so patients can involve themselves in the community, if they desire. Patients interested in cannabis horticulture will find grow tutorials,breeding information and information for beginning growers FAQ and advanced growers too. New medical marijuana patients can find out what's required to  become and certified medicinal cannabis patient. Need a map of cannabis dispensaries? We have that too.

Former sponsor of the BullDog grow Class and former employee of weGrow hydroponics. We started this site when overgrow.com was busted. Within days we had the rss feeds from the strain guide and we began the arduous task of porting it over to a database. Until January 2011 the main URL weedbay.net ran on virtuanews CMS at which time it was ported to the Joomla CMS system.